2022 Libra Christmas Party at Le Montage Sydney

Christmas is a time for celebration, and Libra people deserved the way to celebrate the end of a successful year with a Christmas party at Le Montage, a beautiful waterfront venue in Lilyfield, Sydney. The venue, with its stunning views of the Parramatta River and the Sydney city skyline, was the perfect setting to toast to the successes of 2022.

The Libra team and their guests were treated by delicious food and drink as they mingled and catched up with colleagues. The menu featured a range of festive options, from traditional Christmas fare to more contemporary dishes, ensuring there was something to suit every palate.

The party featured lots of singing and dancing, with live music by a professional keyboard player for those looking for something a little more refined. A violin performance was also provided by a young and talented violinist, adding an extra touch of elegance to the evening.

The highlight of the evening was the lucky draw and award ceremony, where the top sales and top performance winners of 2022 got recognized for their hard work and achievements. This was a great opportunity for the Libra family to show appreciation for their staff and to celebrate their successes as a team.

With its stunning waterfront location, delicious food and drink, and exciting entertainment, Le Montage was the perfect venue for a Christmas party, and we look forward to continued success in 2023.


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